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CDM 2015
Client resposibilities
  • A Client is anyone who has construction work carried out for them, and they have overall responsibility for the project under CDM 2015

  • The main duty of the Client is to make sure the project is suitably managed, including following the necessary health and safety legislation for both workers and members of the public.
  • Allocation of sufficient time and other resources and make sure all arrangements are maintained and reviewed through the project.

  • Must ensure that the Principal Designer (PD) and Principal Contractor (PC) carry out their duties, and be satisfied that they are competent.

  • On certain domestic projects, such as improvements on your own home, Client duties may be passed on to the PC.

  • A Client must ensure that  Pre Construction Information is produced and made available to other dutyholders.

  • If a project is scheduled to last longer than 30 working days, and have  more than 20 workers working simultaneously on the project, or exceeds 500 person days, the Client must notify the HSE (Health & Safety Executive), and obtain evidence of this, which is an F10 notice, which must be displayed on-site.  

  • We can provide help and advice with Client responsibilities.

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