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CDM 2015
Principal Contractor Responsibilities
  • A Contractor or Principal Contractor (PC) is appointed by the Client to control the construction phase of a project.

  • A PC must also take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised site access, and also protect members of the public

  • Under Health and Safety legislation, all construction work requires a Construction Phase Plan (CPP) to be drawn up before the work starts.  These plans should reflect the project size and nature of risk, so a simple project requires only a simple plan.

  • The CPP is the responsibility of the PC and should take into account information contained in the Pre-Construction Information put together by the Client and Principal Designer (PD). This plan outlines the health and safety arrangements, site rules and specific measures required to reduce risk.

  • The PC must ensure that all workers have the right skills, knowledge, training and experience to do their jobs, and must also provide appropriate levels of information, instruction and supervision. They must also organise co-operation between different contractors on the site.

  • A PC must also provide a site induction for all workers, secure the construction site and provide welfare facilities from the start of the job.

  • PC’s have an important role in managing health and safety risks during the construction phase, including liaising with the Client and PD if required.

  • This may include reviewing and updating where necessary the Construction Phase Plan, so it continues to ensure that construction work is carried out, as far as possible, without risks to health and safety.

  • During the project the PC must also provide the PD with any information relevant to be included in the Health and Safety file which is passed back to the Client at the conclusion of the work.

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