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CDM 2015
Principal Designer Responsibilities 
  • A Designer or Principal Designer (PD) is responsible for considering health and safety issues during the planning phase of a project.

  • This includes identifying, eliminating or minimising foreseeable health and safety risks.

  • The PD works with the Client on producing the Pre Construction Information relating to the project.   This must then be provided to the Principal Contractor (PC), contractors and designers involved with the project.

  • Information from the PD is particularly important in considering decisions taken during the pre-construction phase as these can have a significant effect on whether the project is delivered in a way that secures health and safety.

  • Where there is more than one designer, bringing them together as early as possible and then on a regular basis afterwards helps to ensure everyone is able to carry out their duties.

  • A Principal Designer (PD) must also ensure that, where necessary, Designers provide relevant information to other Dutyholders. This includes providing the Pre Construction Information and other relevant details to the PC to help them plan, manage and co-ordinate health and safety during the construction phase.

  • This information should be taken into account particularly when decisions are being taken about design, technical and organisational issues to plan which items or stages of work can take place at the same time or in what sequence; and when estimating the time needed to complete certain items or stages of work.

  • The PD should also continue to liaise with the PC during the construction phase to share any further information relevant to the planning and management of the project.

  • At the conclusion of the project the PD should pass the Health and Safety file to the Client.  Having prepared the file at the start of the project, the PD should also review and make changes to that document to take account of the work carried out and any changes that took place. This should be carry out via liaising regularly with the PC and any contractors or designers involved with the project.

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