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CDM Support


  • There are 3 key roles, known as dutyholders, in CDM2015 
    • The Client 
    • The Principal Designer (or Designer) 
    • The Principal Contractor (or Contractor) 



Client Support
  • The Client is responsible for making sure that they appoint competent dutyholders in the form of Principal Designers (PD) and Principal Contractors (PC), who must be able to carry out their duties, under CDM 2015

  • The Client must also ensure they have adequate resources to fulfil their duties, and that relevant documentation, including the Pre-Construction Information, a Construction Phase Plan, and a Health and Safety File are produced.  Click here for more detail about the Client responsibilities.

Principal Designer (PD) and Designers
  • The PD must ensure that health and safety is considered during the planning phase of a project.  This includes identifying, eliminating and minimising any reasonably foreseeable risks, in both the construction and inhabitation phases, of the building’s life cycle, as well as information that may be required in future construction activities - (O&M Manual or Health and Safety File)

  • The PD must make sure that there is sufficient information available for the Principal Contractor to oversee and ensure that the project proceeds safely. Click here for more detail about the responsibilities of the Principal Designer

Principal Contractor (PC) and Contractors
  • During the construction phase of any project involving more than one contractor, and to make sure that all the contractors have the information, instruction, competence and supervision, that they require to work safely.

  • The PC makes sure the project is carried out in line with the Construction Phase Plan, that they are obliged to produce and maintain during the project.

  • The PC  must ensure that all workers have the right skills, knowledge, training and experience to do their jobs.

  • PC must also provide a site induction for all workers, secure the site and provide welfare facilities from the start of the job.  

  • Click here for more detail about the responsibilities of the Principal Contractor

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